This is a series of short blog posts about people who’ve impacted my life in some way. These will mostly focus on one-off encounters with strangers, but there may be a few about friends.

I think it’s important to take some time now and again to reflect on the people who make us who we are. We’re all just a collection of experiences, so let’s pay those experiences the respect they deserve.

It's Because I'm Right

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The time a friend pointed out my passive tone when admitting defeat

An Angry Man

No alt text

An unknown man who wants people to know he’s angry

Breaking Bread With a Pagan

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Taking a moment to sit and chat with someone from another world can really change your perspective on things.

Lonely Lunch Break

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The time I probably accidentally let down a coworker

No It's Not

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You know that feeling when you’re explicitly told you’re not good at something you didn’t even think you were good at?


No alt text

The time a very autistic gas station manager took a liking to me

What're We Listening To

No alt text

A brief story about a nice lady we met at a red light

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