Blog Posts

Here is an archive of articles I’ve written over the years. Some will be technical, and some will be more personal.

Check out the scraps

A collection of thoughts that I didn’t feel like writing whole essays on.

Live on IPFS

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To help my blog <joke>live on forever</joke>, it can now be found on the InterPlanetary File System!

Squishing Circles

An example of the type of circles generated by the Procedural Circle Generator.

While retrospecting on my Procedural Circle Generator project, I attempted data compression for the first time.

Men's Kinning Red Flags

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A living-document of kins that I think are red flags when found in men. If your boyfriend say “that’s so me” about these characters, run.

Posting "Failures" Can Be Good

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Just because something isn’t the “best” at its job, doesn’t mean it’s without value. You should still be proud of accomplishments at the very least because you accomplished them.

Mental Illness, Autism, and Suffering

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After reading a wonderful blog post by Mark Dominus, I was moved to write my own post about mental illness, and how it affects me.

Bees and Their Effect On Technical Recruiters

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Having been a programmer for almost 10 years, I felt like it was finally time I contribute to a open-source project.