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Welcome to the Hive.

Here, I like to host assorted web projects and JavaScript prototypes, in case I ever share them with others. I'll also post the occasional blog post. These posts will mostly be technical in nature, but will also just focus on whatever I've got going on at any given time.

If you want to drop me a line, email me at the address in the footer.

Indie Web

I am huge supporter of the Indie Web movement, and thus make use of a lot of the principals and features that drive it. I encourage anyone and everyone to participate, and help take back the internet from the monopolies who try to keep us subjugated.

Blog Posts

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My thoughts on the social trend of mental illness, and its celebrations and condemnations.

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Documenting my first contribution to a public Github project

Featured Projects

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A text cipher of my own creation.

A preview image of the Caves project

Creating natural looking caves with Cellular Automaton.

A preview image of the Life project

My implementation of Conway's Game of Life.

A preview image of the Critters project

A population simulation created using p5.js.

This site is a proud member of the IndieWeb webring.

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