What follows is a list of all the various projects I've worked on over the years, as well as a short blurb about them. Not all of them are complete, or even functioning. I think that's fine though. They're still something I worked on, and something I learned from. Most of them have more info about them once you click through.
Projects are loosely in chronological order, from newest to oldest.

The Apis Cipher

A placeholder image

The Apis Cipher is my own spin on the classic Caeser Cipher, and draws inspiration from other implementations such as ROT13 and the A1Z26 cipher.
Give it a try, and see if you can crack it ;)

Cellular Automata - Caves

A preview image of the Caves project

In this project, I made use of the engine I created for my implementation of Conway's Game of Life to create natural looking "cave" systems.

Cellular Automata - Life

A preview image of the Life project

This is my own implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Completing this project has always been a huge goal of mine, as I've always been fascinated with population simulations.

Tower Defense

A preview image of the Tower Defense V1 project

This project was an attempt at creating my own tower defense style game. In it, as opposed to the genre standard wherein enemies come at you in a straight line, I had the idea that they could come from any direction. All that was finished in this project, though, was finding a (more or less) straight line on a grid from point A to point B.


A preview image of the Hex Grid Generator project

I created this as a tool to create the hexagonal grid you see in the sidebar. Since I couldn't find a similar tool online, I went ahead and created my own.

Storm The Castle

A preview image of the Storm the Castle project

This project was inspired by my work on the Dino Jump game and makes use of my custom sprite renderer. The premise was to be that you're a monster jumping the castle walls to destroy said castle.

Dino Jump

A preview image of the Dino Jump project

A blatant copy of Google's Dinosaur Game, this project was a fun exercise in thinking like a game developer. It's got a score tally, it's got gravity, and it's got a gameover state. What more do you need?

Graphics? What are those?

Sprite Renderer

A preview image of the Sprite Renderer V2 project

Making use of this tutorial from James Long, I created my own sprite rendering engine. This was inteded to be used in future projects, though the only use it ever saw was in the abandoned Storm the Castle project.
It did see a version 2 though, where I added the ability to change the sprite based on user input.

Procedural Circles

A preview image of the Procedural Circles project

This project aimed to improve on my Critters project by adding something to the Critters that could be effected by their genes. In this case, their body shape. Using the code here, I could generate unique bodies for the Critters. While complete, it never saw implementation.


A preview image of the Critters project

Critters is an attempt at creating a population simulation while using a "genetic algorithm". It's not really a genertic algorithm, as it's largely static values that don't have much affect on the populace, but it certainly emulates one.
Despite missing the mark of a true genetic algorithm, the Critters are still one of my proudest accomplishments.